Diagnostic Equine Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound Machines for Equine at an Affordable Price

KX5200V Equine Ultrasound EquipmentOur equine ultrasounds are designed to meet all of your diagnostic needs, whether you are a horse breeder or a veterinarian. Are you in the need for a reliable and cost effective ultrasound that you can count on for years to come? Our wide range of ultrasound models are proven and field tested allowing you to take control, while producing the most desirable results. Quickly determine horse pregnancy, gender, or other diagnosis with much confidence and satisfaction. 

Our equine ultrasound machines have various characteristics and range in different sizes. When it comes to equine pregnancy exams, some of the most important features of an ultrasound must include that they are light in weight, portable, or handheld in style. A battery powered ultrasound for equine with a long operating time provides even more flexibility, adaptability, and efficiency. All veterinarians and horse breeders demand an easy to use interface and high image quality when performing ultrasound exams. For others, a more advanced ultrasound machine for equine that is capable of performing color doppler is very important. Whatever your needs may be, at KeeboVet we have the perfect ultrasound for you.

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