Sutures Nylon Monofilament

Non Absorbable Sterile Nylon Monofilament Sutures 

Blue in color, monofilament suture is used frequently for soft-tissue approximation and ligation. Even though it is nonabsorbable, the knot security decreases over time (in vivo), and should not be used where permanent retention is required. Has excellent customers reviews (see below).


  • Surgical Sutures Nylon Monofilament 75cm long  
  • Needle: 3/8 circle, reverse cutting shape
  • Box of 12 sutures
  • Sterile, unopened, non absorbable
  • Top quality sutures
  • Sutures have an excellent reputation and are receiving very good customer satisfaction
  • CE Approved
  • For Veterinary Use Only in the USA
  • Other countries for Human or Veterinary Use
  • Comparable to Ethilon, a synthetic non absorbable nylon suture manufactured by Ethicon

Available Sizes for Nylon Monofilament, 75cm with Needle 

  • Size 2/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 30mm
  • Size 3/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 25mm
  • Size 4/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 20mm
  • Size 5/0: Reverse cutting 3/8, 20mm
  • Size 1: Reverse cutting 3/8, 35mm
  • Size 2: Reverse cutting 3/8, 40mm
  • Size 3: Reverse cutting 3/8, 45mm

Customers reviews

"perfect! Thank you!" Buyer: cwgrlp85

"Very good buying experience" Buyer: bcambar

"Super fast shipper." Buyer: pookiebear74 

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