Chison ECO 3Vet

The new definition in high end black and white ultrasounds!

The ECO 3Vet is a new model of animal scanners from Chison. ECO 3Vet makes the complete workflow better than you can imagine. It is similar in quality and features to the Sonoscape A6V. ECO 3Vet has software for all kinds of animals.

ECO 3Vet gives excellent results in tendon examination and reproduction in equine. Also works in small animal sonography. Two year warranty on ultrasound and probe of choice from KeeboMed Inc. 


  • High end black and white ultra-compact ultrasound
  • Application for large animal reproduction and tendon
  • Application for small animal abdomen, small parts, and basic cardiology
  • Built in lithium battery
  • Multi-purpose user presets
  • Comprehensive measurements and report system
  • Built in image archive system
  • Quick image storage, retrieve, and transfer
  • One button direct print
  • Chroma, Trapezoid imaging, and Compound imaging that doesn't lose frame rate
  • Full digital beam former
  • Harmonic imaging (THI)
  • SRA

Software packages

  • Canine: GS,CRL, HD, BD;
  • Feline: HD, BD
  • Equine: GS
  • Bovine: BPD, CRL, Trunk Diameter
  • Ovine: BPD, CRL, Trunk Diameter


  • Gray scale: 256 Levels
  • Scanning Depth: 240mm Max up to the probes
  • Probe frequency: 2.5MHz - 11MHz (depends on the probe)
  • One connector (Standard)
  • Cine loop: 256 frames
  • Zoom: 4 steps

General Measurements

B mode: distance,circumference,area,volume,ratio,angle,% stenosis, histogram.profile etc.

M mode: distance,time ,velocity , heart rate etc

Archives Management

Patient information management, Patient images record, Patient exam report.


Full screen documentation, Hospital name, Patient name, Date/time, Annotation database available, Pre-saved phrases can be recalled

Power Supply

AC 240V-100V, 50Hz- 60Hz

Standard Configuration

Main unit + L?M-A Linear (5.3MHz-10.0MHz) probe + 1probe connector + 3 USB ports
+ VGA port + Video port + LAN port


  • 2 probe connectors, built-in battery, DICOM 3.0, waterproof keyboard cover, carrying bag (BG-100), supports PC printer* (HP P2055D), TR-8000


C3-A  Convex L7V-A Rectal
L7S-A Linear Array MC5V-A Micro Convex
LC6-A Micro Convex L7M-A


ECO3Vet Sample Image ECO3 VET Sample Image

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