What are Veterinary Instruments?

Pets are not just an animal breed, they are more than that. They are family. Whether it may be your pet for home, or for your farm, animals bring joy, contentment and hope for new beginnings. To have an animal with you requires a high amount of attention, grooming and care. The animal should cope with the conditions in which it lives, and animal welfare should be the top most priority. This would need your consideration for housing, nutrition, management, human handling, disease prevention and treatment and responsible care. A thoughtful consideration should be given to the animal’s typical environmental needs, biology and behavior. One should be proactive in their animal’s medical care. The best way of keeping your pet healthy and safe, is to team up with a veterinarian. Being in the veterinary profession, the vets strive to improve animal health and proper welfare through the medium of education, scientific research, collaborations and providing the best facility.

Animals should be cared in such manner that minimizes their fear, pain, stress, and suffering. The veterinarians not only provide professional judgment and tips for animal care, they are the animal doctors for their pain and treatment. Finding a right vet for you is also very important. It is crucial to know the credentials of your doctor as a vet being a member or accredited from an animal health and medical association gives a sense of relief in regards to their practices and knowledge. Now, this ensures that the vet has the proper knowledge, facility, equipment and high standard of quality care. There might be different vets for different animal breeds, so finding the perfect one associated with your concerns would be a good start. The daily work of veterinarians involves animal examination, making diagnoses, treating diseases or injuries, performing surgery, preparing blood tests or X-Ray reports and preventing animal illness through vaccinations.

Having the high quality standard of their equipment is very crucial as it reflects the hygiene, cleanliness and surgical advancements. The veterinary instruments vary from general surgery instruments to specialized ones suiting all requirements for specific animal class.  The veterinary tools are made from the finest raw materials under strict quality control and are made of surgical grade stainless steel, highly recommended for and by professionals. Whether it is surgical, orthopedic, diagnostic or anesthetic procedure or animal specific, there are different kits for each which has all the necessary tools to perform the required procedure. The general surgery range includes veterinary instrumentation like scissors, needle holders, retractors, Scalpel handles and blades, and different types of forceps for artery, tissue, bone cutting, bone holding, bone fragment and miscellaneous.

Same way there are different instruments under different cases, some of them listed below for a better understanding. These are some examples of the many procedures and Instruments veterinarians use. 

Joint Surgery 

  • Crimping Forceps
  • Compound action crimper
  • Tensioning device
  • Nylon Lateral button suture
  • Ligafiba Lateral suture
  • Tibial Plateau Levelling operation, etc.Spinal Surgery 
  • Daniel Rongeur
  • Compound Action Spinal Rongeurs
  • Micro spine Rongeur set 
  • Bone punch forceps,etcExternal Fixation
  • Single KE Plus 
  • Connection Bars
  • Split Clamp
  • Pin choice
  • EFG Tissue protector, etc

Amy Wells
Amy Wells