Advantages of medical supplies

Lowering costs is actually on every healthcare facility`s agenda. However, finding different ways to reduce costs without really having any impact on patient care is always a challenge. Any dedicated medical equipment distributor can also provide you with quite a lot of services that can actually streamline your ordering process, reduced staff required to procure the equipment and help you maintain the control over your complete deliveries and costs. Here are five of the lot many advantages that can take place from using a medical equipment specific distributor for your capital equipment delivery.

Reducing Vendors

While working with the multiple vendors it is very challenging to actually have a streamlined process. With the multiple vendors you might be working with an unmanageable amount responsibilities often requested by several other different representatives and departments.

You may as well also have a hectic schedule of the deliveries that require due monitoring as well as having someone highly available from each department to check deliveries for the accuracy and damages.

Major equipment purchases may also require assembly and the installation and, in the case of new technology, training for the staff may also be required. Your overall facility of the staffing demands might also increased, to cut responsibilities, assessing the deliveries and ensuring that items ordered are received properly, which costs all the more money. You can also get veterinary medical supplies easily available to you.

As well, you might also be paying direct to the vendor prices, which tend to be a lot more higher, especially in case you are buying smaller quantities. Capital equipment delivery through any medical equipment specific distributor requires one point of contact from this facility and one point of contact from the respective distributor as well as one bill and one single delivery which actually means:

  • Less staff time is wasted
  • Least paper work
  • Less traffic in the entire receiving department
  • Less billing process.
  • Lower costs of the overall per delivery
  • Better efficiency
  • Streamlined Process

Working with the dedicated medical equipment distributor for your capital equipment delivery which will result in a streamlining of your entire ordering, delivery and the set-up process. You can have a single stream of Purchase Order’s, a reduced number of persons to stay in contact with, the reduced scheduling of deliveries, less storage and the warehousing requirements, some less interference with work flow, the enhanced equipment installation and training, and the efficient cleanup and the removal of packing materials.

Efficient Warehousing, Inspection and Delivery

Using hospital associates as your medical equipment in specific distributor will lead to a far more efficient delivery process. We can receive, store, and inspect any of your equipment for undisclosed damage. At a single point of delivery, we will decrease the number of deliveries that are arriving at your facility with pre-scheduled deliveries arriving entirely at your convenience.

Amy Wells
Amy Wells