Complete Knowhow of Anesthesia Machine and its Use

Anesthesia machines are available in the market usually in two variants, rebreathing and non-rebreathing types. Animals which weigh more than ten pounds need a rebreathing system anesthesia machine whereas the smaller animals weighing less than ten pounds need a non-rebreathing anesthesia machine. The functionality in these two types is different but the basic principle remains the same. As use of technology and equipment has increased day by day, animal treatment also has reached to a new level with the use of latest machines. You must know the different principles and functionality of different anesthesia machines for effective results.

Rebreathing Type Anesthesia Machine

A rebreathing anesthesia machine allows recirculation of exhaled gases to the animal. Each breath contains exhaled gas containing the carbon dioxide removed and fresh oxygen and anesthetic added in it. There is a source of oxygen supply to the animal which also brings the inhaled anesthetic. Having flow meter, oxygen flush valve, vaporizer, inhalation valve and hose, endotracheal tube, pop off valve and carbon dioxide absorber canister, it provides and controls the steady flow of oxygen to the animal undergoing surgery.

Non-Rebreathing Type Anesthesia Machine

This type of anesthesia machine is used for those animals which are essentially less than 10 pounds of weight. As these smaller animals need a steady and higher flow of gases, this machine prevents them from rebreathing of carbon dioxide in to the lungs. The specialty in this system is that no exhaled gas is returned to the animal. The exhaled gas is popped off through the pop off valve. It goes in to the scavenger hose. This machine is is not used in case of larger pets as there is a higher gas flow which can waste oxygen and anesthetic in the source.

Advantages of Using

Control of breathing is facilitated by using fewer quantity of oxygen and anesthetic gases. As there is a lower flow rate, much of the oxygen stays in the source and fewer amounts of waste gases is produced as well. The heat and the moisture obtained from the respiration of the animal undergoing surgery are effectively conserved. There is a reservoir bag which also acts as a safety device. It helps in preventing rapid pressure increases in the system.

It can be manually squeezed to control the air and assist in breathing, if required. Use of anesthesia machine facilitates steady and easy flow of oxygen to the animal which is undergoing surgery.    

Different Type of Machines

For general treatment procedures, there are different types of anesthesia machines available in the market.

According to their principle of operation, their categories are different. As far as vet doctors and treatment for animals are concerned, there are portable machines, tabletop anesthetic machines. You will also get movable machines for small animals which are light and easy to carry. If you want to buy veterinary anesthesia systems online , you can visit any of the online stores, select the machine as required, choose a payment option and see the machine delivered at your doorstep.

Amy Wells
Amy Wells