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Veterinary medicine is that branch of medicine which is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that are occurring in animals. The scope of vet medicine is large, and covers all species of animals, both domesticated and wild. This branch of medicine is widely practiced, and professional care is imparted by a veterinary physician, also known as a vet. Veterinary science helps human health too, through the control and prevention of diseases spread by animals to humans. It also helps in maintaining a rich source of food through livestock, and the mental health of animals intact.

If you are looking for veterinary Medical supplies, they are available with most veterinary medicine retailers. The veterinary physician, after diagnosis of the animal, may or may not prescribe medicine. This prescription is important as the owner of the animal will be able to acquire medicines only through this prescription. Vet animal care is expensive, but it is necessary, for the health and longevity of the animal’s life.

Veterinary care and management is usually led by a physician, usually called a vet). His or her role is equivalent to that of a doctor in human health, and most vets have under-graduate or post-graduate qualifications. These qualifications are limitations, or protections against forgery of services. For e.g. In the UK the practice of vet care can only be done by a licensed and registered veterinary physician.

Most vets work in clinics, treating the animals directly. They treat a number of species of animals, and may be specialized in treatment of a specific group of animals. As with other professionals, vets also have to face ethical challenges relating to the nature of their work.

Most vets keep an active supply of medicines with them. This may be for emergencies during treatment of animals, daily usage or prescription to animals being treated at their clinics. There are many other retail vet stores which have a wider range of medicines with them, for sale. They also have operational web-sites so that the owner of the pet or animal may have access to the stores.

If you are lucky, some of the retail stores may be based out of your locality so that you do not have to go on a wild hunt for medicines for your pet. These retail stores offer online help, through purchase and delivery of medicine to owners of livestock or pets. Veterinary care is a rapidly growing profession and business. A veterinary pharmacist is a trained professional that dispenses Veterinary Medical Supplies , and can also offer advice to owners of companion animals or livestock. In addition to these functions, they are also responsible as an advisory to the regulatory bodies and are involved with the formulation of veterinary drugs.

Stojan Bozinovski
Stojan Bozinovski